Schneider Electric is a leading French manufacturer of equipment for electrical distribution, automation and control. They frequently need to characterize the large variety of mangetic material used in their products. Moreover, they found out that the magnetic properties of the sheet metal they purchased sometimes differed substantially from the spec sheet. To overcome this, Schneider has invested in a QA lab for sheet metal. However, the shape of the samples doesn’t always correspond to that needed to do industry standard measurements.

Metis solved Schneider’s problem in several steps. First of all Metis’ HyMAC system allows for detemining the AC magnetic properties of sheet metal. Next, to make IEC compliant measurements of deviating sample geometries, Metis also developped custom probes. These allow for interpreting results measured on deviating sample sizes with IEC compliant results

“Thanks to the Metis HyMAC we are now in control of our sheet metal quality. Escpecially the custom probes have made life a lot easier. Metis really is a customer oriented company that focusses on solving the problem rather than on shipping a machine”, says Dr Olivier Théron, Materials Expert at Schneider.

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