Metis Instruments & Equipment is a technology leader in industrial and scientific magnetics, providing an extensive range of solutions for the manufacturing industry:
  • magnetizing equipment
  • diagnostics & quality control systems
  • co-engineering & consultancy services.

For the magnetizing industry, Metis focuses on the design and manufacturing of state of the art capacitor discharge magnetizers and magnetizing fixtures. The newest CAE technology is used to optimize energy consumption and stresses, yielding higher productivity solutions.

Metis’ magnetic measurement products focus on characterising magnetic materials. We offer hysteresis graphs for soft and hard magnetic materials via the HyMAC and HyMPulse. In addition, the CryoPulse enables the user to determine more fundamental characteristics of semi-conducting and super-conducting materials.

In addition to its industrial activities, Metis provides research equipment for pulsed field experiments. At present, Metis is actively involved in most of the major European initiatives in the area of research in high magnetic fields. Using its expertise in advanced research magnet technology, Metis creates new opportunities for the development of lighter, more powerful and less energy-consuming electromagnetic devices.

The company is initiated by dr. Luc Van Bockstal and dr. Alain De Keyser in partnership with K.U.Leuven Research & Development and with the Gemma Frisius Fund. Metis was established on May 25th, 1998.

Started as a spin-off from the Pulsed Field Research Group at the K.U.Leuven, our company offers over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of high performance electromagnets.

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