Modular energy sources for magnetizing systems

Key features and benefits

  • Energy range: 0.5 to 100+ kJ
  • 3 kV max voltage
  • Modular architecture
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Industry standard connections for easy integration in production line


Metis is a leading manufacturer of capacitor discharge magnetizers (CDM) suitable for magnetizing, demagnetizing and conditioning applications. The CDM-C series focus on the lower energy segment (ferrites). The high energy CDM-M series are particularly suited for heavy duty processing of highly coercive materials such as SmCo and NdFeB. The CDM-M’s modular approach allows the user to extend its existing system to higher energy levels.


The following table gives an impression of our standardised product range:

Minimal energy: 500 J 4 kJ
Incremental energy: 500 J 4 kJ
Maximal energy: 2.5 kJ N/A
Max Voltage: 3 kV 3 kV
Current measurement Yes
Temperature sensor input Yes
External communication: 24V relay logic / RS232 / DP Profibus
Mode: Magnetizing/Demagnetizing/Conditioning
Documentation: Manual: English/Français/Deutsch/Castellano
Certification: CE-certificate

In case your requirements should exceed the specifications of our standard models, we will be glad to look into a customized system. Our experience with pulsed power installations in the megaJoule range, with peak currents exceeding 50 kA and maximum voltages exceeding 15 kV enables us to present a suitable solution for any industrial magnetizing problem.

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