Magnetizing solution for permanent magnet generators

Key advantages of magnetizing permanent magnet generators

  • Faster production
    • Reduced mounting time of magnets
    • Reduced total production time with magnetizing times of typically 1-2 hours / rotor (depending on type)

  • Flexible production
    • Different rotor diameters and layouts through exchangeable magnetizing fixtures
    • Different rotor lengths through flexible counter point and axial magnetizing steps

  • Safer production
    • Avoiding difficult handling of pre-magnetized magnets
    • Avoiding storage of large amounts of pre-magnetized material
    • Magnets are activated at end of production process

  • Controlled production
    • In-line inspection of generator performance parameters
    • Automated magnetizing process avoids magnet orientation errors

  • Improved product quality
    • Better tolerances on magnet positioning
    • Ability to influence neutral zone & skewness

  • Design opportunities
    • Design freedom: Generator design without the constraints of having to mount magnetized material
    • Different magnet layouts possible: surface mounted or buried magnets

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