Pulsed Field Magnetometer - Measure the true magnetic properties of your hard-ferrite, NdFeB or SmCo end-product


The HyMPulse is a pulsed field hysteresis measurement system for determining the magnetic properties of hard magnetic materials like hard-ferrite, NdFeB and SmCo. Unlike traditional measurement of magnetic properties, the true coercivity of all materials can now be measured. In addition, the system allows the end-product (eg motor segment) to be measured, avoiding tedious preparation of a sample. Through its patented measurement coil, this system is truly a major breakthrough in magnetic measurement technology.

The basic functionality is the measurement of a full hysteresis curve at user definable sample temperatures and peak field. From this hysteresis curves all relevant magnetic parameters are derived, eg:
Br, HcJ, HcB, HcKnee, Hm, Bm, BHmax, working point, ...

The HyMPulse is built around a capacitor discharge magnetizer and a data-acquisition unit. A user friendly software package allows for easy capturing of full hysteresis curves and for fast analysis of relevant magnetic parameters. The MetisResultsViewer allows for easy data sharing, visualizing and analysis.

Through its modular setup, the HyMPulse can be extended to higher energies for analysis of bigger sample geometries and/or analysis using higher peak fields.

Application areas

The Metis HyMPulse can be used for various applications:

Incoming & outgoing inspection of highly coercive materials with industrial shapes like segments, bars, cylinders,...

Comparing the magnet qualities of different suppliers
Analysis of magnetic end-products
Input for FE-calculations

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