Pulsed Field Magnetometer - Measure the true magnetic properties of your hard-ferrite, NdFeB or SmCo end-product


Key features and benefits

  • Industrial Magnet Geometries:
    • Shape insensitive measurement (patent pending): segments, cylinders, bars, rings,...
    • In-vivo magnet inspection: measure end product instead of magnet sample
    • One probe fits all, no pole shoes per magnet geometry

  • All high-end permanent magnet material: High grade NdFeB, SmCo and hard ferrites:
    • External fields of 7 + T
    • HcJ measurements of >3500 kA/m
    • Easily expandable to higher fields

  • Industry standard measurements:
    • State-of-the-art repeatability and accuracy
    • Measurements at user-definable temperatures between 20-180C, with the sample at uniform temperature
    • Automatic Eddy-current compensation (patent pending)
    • Measurement of Br, HcJ, HcB, HcKnee, Hm, Bm, BHmax, working point,...

  • User friendly
    • No sample preparation
    • Demagnetization after measurement for easy handling
    • Off-line date viewing and sharing

  • Large volume range
    • Easily exchangeable HMP-probes for different magnet volumes

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