Hysteresis measurement of soft magnetic materials

Measurement platform

Specifications HyMAC platform

  • Frequency range:
    Typically 3 to 2500 Hz. The frequency range can be adapted to user specific applications. DC option available.
  • Amplifier output:
    • Default max 1.2 kVA
    • Optional max 3 kVA
  • Excitation:
    Typically up to 10 kA/m and 1.7 T in larger samples. Excitation levels are sample and material dependent.
  • Customizable wave forms
  • Probe connection:
    • High sensitivity probe input for low signal-to-noise ratios
    • Normal sensitivity probe input
  • Output:
    • Reports with HcJ, Br, Bm, Hm, losses, permeability, Eddy-current loss, hysteresis curves and customizable parameters
  • customizable parameters:
    • XML-files for visualization in the Metis Results Viewer
    • Customizable reporting using Microsoft Excel™

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