Hysteresis measurement of soft magnetic materials

Data sharing - MetisResultsViewer

The MetisResultsViewer is a stand-alone software for sharing, visualizing, analyzing and reporting measurement data from the Metis HyMPulse and HyMAC.
The MetisResultsViewer is freeware and can be downloaded from our download section.


The MetisResultsViewer is freeware that can be installed on any computer. This allows for unlimited data sharing across the network. You donít need to be at the measurement PC to evaluate your results.


The MetisResultsViewer can display hysteresis curves with their related magnetic parameters like Br, HcJ,... and the relevant measurement data like sample temperature, volume, .... You can select the desired parameters to be displayed. Curves can be displayed one by one or can be saved/loaded in groups. 2nd Quadrant and 4 quadrant views are standard.

Statistical analysis

When multiple curves are loaded, the MetisResultsViewer allows for calculating averages, min, max and standard deviations of all measurement parameters. This allows for easy checking of for instance material properties deviations.


The software allows for printing out (printer or pdf) industry standard reports. You can customize the parameters that are displayed, the view, switch the statistics on/off, etc.
MetisResultsViewer is a complete magnetic measurement reporting tool at your fingertips.

Some screenshots

Typical measurement
Customizable reporting

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