Hysteresis measurement of soft magnetic materials


The HyMAC Magnetic Properties Tester is a versatile testing platform for determining the AC magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials like electrical steel sheets, ferrite cores, magnetic wires and ribbons.

The basic functionality of the HyMAC is the measurement of B-H hysteresis curves at user specific excitations and frequencies. From the measured curves, the relevant magnetic parameters are derived automatically via the software.

The HyMAC is built around a data-acquisition unit with an adapted software package for wave form generation, data capturing and data analysis, and a sample test fixture adapted to the type of measurement.

Application areas

The Metis HyMAC can be used for:
Incoming and outgoing inspection of electrical steel sheet, ferrite cores, stators, etc.
R&D on advanced materials like high permeability wires, ribbons and powders
Testing of cutting influences

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