FEM supported magnetizing technology




FEM design


CAD design


Final fixture

Key features and benefits

  • Higher Magnetic fields with less energy
  • Higher productivity through higher repetition rates
  • CAD supported mechanical design
  • Application specific cooling
  • Ergonomic design and handling


Every magnetizing application requires a tailored magnetizing fixture to transform the magnetizer’s energy into the required magnetic profile of the magnet.

Metis uses state of the art FEM modelling to optimise its fixture design regarding mechanic forces and flux profiles. In addition, its proprietary software limits the required energy, reducing cooling requirements and hence yielding higher productivity. Depending on the required reprates, the fixture will be equiped with natural, forced air or liquid cooling.

The mechanical design of most fixtures is CAD supported. Designs are checked with the customer before they are built. Of course, Metis’ magnetizing fixtures are built into a state of the art housing for the necessary safety.

  • Higher magnetic field with less energy
  • Sinusoidal / square field profiles
  • Minimization of neutral zones
  • High rep rates through internal liquid cooling
  • Optimized stress distribution
  • Maximized magnetic fields
  • Application specific safety enclosures
  • Application specific cooling
  • FEM supported fixture design

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