The CryoPulse measurement platform: high B/T material properties testing

The CryoPulse system consist of 4 basic parts:

1. Standard CDM-M capacitor discharge power supply

  • Energy:
    • Depends on bore size and max field
    • Ranges from tipically 32kJ - 1+ MJ

  • Voltage 3 kV,

  • PLC controllers with graphical display

  • Readout of setpoints, voltages

  • Optional provision for experiments at different dB/dt ratios

2. Pulsed Field Magnet coil

  • Max fields of up to 50T

  • Optimized for maximum field, extended pulse duration or optimum field homogeneity

  • Typical free bore ranging from 10 mm up to 50 mm, depending on field, energy and experiment

  • Liquid nitrogen cooling required, thus reducing the need for He4.

  • Magnet mount for anti-vibration

3. Data acquisition unit

  • PC with high speed multifunction DAQ card

  • typical measurement channels: field, time, sample excitation,

    sample response

  • Background compensation

  • electrically safe connection to the user PC

  • Visual Basic software for data acquisition and visualisation

4. Cryogenic measurement environment

  • Liquid N2 dewar

  • Magnet support incl. vibration isolation between magnet and cryostat

  • He4 cryostat, suitable for liquid He4 as well as temperature control

    through He4 gas flow

  • Temperature control via needle valve/heater system, incl. PID

    control unit

  • Silicon diode temperature sensor

  • Exchangeable cold finger

  • Top-loading cryogenic environment

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