Magnetizing equipment

Magnetizers:    Modular capacitor banks as power source for any magnetizing job
Fixtures:    FEM & CAD supported design and manufacturing of fixtures for magnetizing purposes
Solution for wind power:    Magnetizing solution for permanent magnet generators

Magnetic diagnostics and QC

HyMPulse:       Hysteresis graph for hard magnetic materials
HyMAC:       Hysteresis graph for soft magnetic materials
MSAT:       Measurement of retained austenitic fractions of steel & stainless steel


Service measurement:    Hysteresis measurement on HyMPulse and HyMAC
Service magnetizations:    Small series of magnets can be magnetized with Metis equipment
Magnetic assemblies:    Design, construction and magnetization of magnetic assemblies
Magnetic consultancy:    Engineering support in design and analysis of magnetic problems

Pulsed field research equipment

CryoPulse platform:    Material properties tester in pulsed fields and low temperatures
Large research facilities    Megajoule pulsed field installations
High Field Components    Pulsed field coils, thyristors stacks, current limiters

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